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In the world of MMA betting, the name Joey Oddessa is as well-known as the fighters throwing the punches. Joey has been the industry standard when it comes to handicapping mixed martial arts, studying the sport since its roots in the 90’s through its meteoric rise in popularity in the 2000’s.

Having witnessed the evolution of MMA betting first hand, there’s no one with the experience and knowledge when it comes to combat sports like Joey Oddessa. He shares that insight with the betting community, offering his personal take on fights, unique power rankings, live odds from the biggest sportsbook, and entertaining audio clips.

This site is FREE and always will be. Why? Unlike so many "so-called" handicappers/scamdicappers out there I actually make good money with my information. I make enough that I don't need to sell picks or make money as a tout. The next time a handicapper tries to sell you a "pick" or a "move" stop and ask yourself, "Why does this person need to make money off me when they could go and bet this themselves and make money?" I'm sure you get my point.