91 Essential Sports Betting Twitter Follows, Accounts

91 Essential Sports Betting Twitter Follows, Accounts | Blog post by Joey Oddessa

If this list of the top sports betting Twitter accounts were 100-plus, who the heck would read it? So it’s a perfectly arbitrary 91!

This rundown — in no particular order — represents a mixture of sports bettors, sportsbook directors, radio guys and sources of data and analytics to inform your own sports wagering. Some accounts will provide injury news, legal and regulatory observations, opinions about the various mobile sportsbooks available, or some laughs. For the most part, these people #sticktosports.

Top sports betting Twitter and #GamblingTwitter accounts for sports wagering enthusiasts

The following list includes oddsmakers, bettors, industry experts, sports betting information sources, live movement reporters and more.

Joey Oddessa – A must-follow for anyone looking for MMA and boxing insight, as an oddsmaker Oddessa set lines on some of the biggest fights in the world for some of the biggest bettors.


David Purdum — As dialed-in to the sports gambling world as anyone. Purdum writes about gambling for ESPN Chalk, offers valuable Vegas insights and long-form stories about the gaming world. Also a nice guy.

Todd Fuhrman — A former oddsmaker at Caesars and co-founder of the “Bet the Board” podcast (NFL, CFB, hoops and golf). He also contributes “The Line” on SI.com and brings a unique oddsmaker’s perspective.

Captain Jack — A pro sports bettor based in New Jersey who’s become the industry’s pre-eminent expert, watchdog and educator.

Jay Kornegay — One of the most well-known and forward-thinking sportsbook operations minds in Las Vegas, Jay runs the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook and drives the consistently-growing Las Vegas Westgate SuperContest.

Alfonso Straffon — Straffon learned the art of bookmaking in Costa Rica. He now keeps tabs on the U.S. sports betting industry, sharing valuable perspective you’ll seldom find elsewhere.

Joe Ostrowski — A Chicago guy through and through and friend of Sports Handle, Ostrowski hosts “Early Odds” on VSiN where he shares his insights and speaks with the top sports bookmakers and sharpest bettors around. Also is the AM drive anchor on 670 The Score.

Doug Kezirian — Along with being the face of ESPN’s first-ever sports betting TV show “Daily Wager,” Kezirian also hosts ESPN’s podcast “Behind the Bets.”

Rufus Peabody — Rufus is a sports analyst, professional sports bettor and an outspoken proponent for transparency across the industry. An Ex-ESPN predictive analytics expert and graduate of Yale University, he’s half of Massey Peabody analytics and co-host of “Bet The Process” podcast.

Jimmy Vaccaro — Vaccaro has been managing Las Vegas sportsbooks since (roughly) your father was cruising around trying to meet your mother. That’s 1976. Currently the Director of Sports Book Marketing at South Point Hotel, the Pittsburgh native will keep you current on South Point action but more broadly, he’s basically an ambassador for the sports betting industry. Plus if you follow him on Twitter you become one of his “kids.”

SportsbkConsig — Aka Dave Sharapan, he’s the co-host of the “Cash Considerations” podcast, a Pennsylvania native (Pittsburgh), Penn Stater, a Sports Handle contributor, Las Vegas sportsbook veteran, and frequently posts some fun and insightful conversations that he observes behind the counter.


Nick Kostos — One of the raspiest and funniest voices in sports betting media, Kostos has worked for Sports Illustrated and now pumps out regular podcasts “You Better, You Bet.” Shows are of various lengths. Youc an also hear him on the flagship New York-based sports radio station WFAN.

Ken Barkley — Also known as “Locky Lockerson,” Barkley is a solid handicapper, serves as a co-host on the You Better You Bet podcast, where he provides good insight on live movement and some entertaining, colorful language.

John Sheeran — FanDuel Sportsbook‘s head of bookmaking and risk-management. Appears weekly on the Bet The Board podcast to provide the sportsbook’s perspective on popular sides and biggest liabilities.

Vegas Murray — Executive director of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, co-host of the Kelly & Murray Show.

PlusEVAnalytics — Passionate about sports, mathematics, and gambling. Hailing from Canada, he has actuarial science and statistics degree, rode the poker wave boom circa 2007-10, and later turned his attention to +EV betting and casino games.

Kelly In Vegas — One of not many female voices in the sports betting industry, Kelly wears a lot of hats and microphones across media, with her own podcast alongside Murray and regular appearances on Bleacher Report. She speaks the language also runs a proxy service for LV-based pick’em contests.

Josh Applebaum — He’s a sports betting reporter for VSiN, host of the VSiN Market Insights Podcast, and also the author of “The Everything Guide to Sports Betting.”

Rob Pizzola — A self-described EV+ bettor, Pizzola is a frequent podcast guest on You Better, You Bet, rational Twitter voice. Plus he’s a solid human: he publishes his own previews and picks for the benefit of diabetes research.

Spanky — We don’t know much about the guy personally but he’s a seasoned sports bettor (perhaps more of a “middler”) who controls a lot of accounts, and he has a pretty engaged following on #GamblingTwitter. Listen to him on the “Business of Betting” podcast here. The Ringer has a story on him here.

Ed Miller — An MIT grad, professional poker player, sports betting author and programmer, Miller is one of the brightest minds in the gambling industry. He’s currently involved in building sports betting data supplier Deck Prism

Matthew Davidow — Davidow is very sharp, with a background in data analytics and sports betting modeling. He’s currently a co-founder in the venture Deck Prism sports, which provides real In-Play odds for American sports.

Warren Sharp — Sharp is an NFL specialist who has crafted his own predictive NFL analytics and visualized data. Lots of useful, unique information. If you’re not familiar, you’ve probably seen or heard his work before at ESPN, FOX Sports, VSiN, WSJ and others.

Roxy Roxborough — He doesn’t tweet much but when he does it’s worth listening. He’s a major gaming and Las Vegas innovator, founder of Las Vegas Sports Consultants, and regarded as one of the gaming industry’s most influential figures.

Ben Fawkes — Based in Las Vegas, Fawkes is the VP of Digital Content for VSiN. He was previously in charge of Chalk, ESPN.com’s gambling section. He delivers updates on betting action at national and Vegas-based books.

Chris Fallica — Better know as “The Bear” on ESPN GameDay, Chris loves talking college football betting as well as the ponies. Also a co-host on ESPN’s podcast “Behind the Bets.”

Wes Reynolds— A well-known name on Sports Betting Twitter, he’s a professional sports bettor and a contributor on VSiN, Action Network and Las Vegas Review-Journal and other outlets. He bets NFL, NCAA basketball and golf. Follow along for notes and angles. Always learning.

Bill Krackomberger — A pro sports bettor who goes by the mantra, “My allegiance is never to any one team. Only family, friends and my bankroll.” He’s kind of an industry watchdog and as for the numbers, “Krackman” knows strategy and value.

Chris Grove — He’s a gaming industry veteran and analyst, strategist and investor, a partner at Eilers & Krejcik Gaming boutique research group where he oversees the firm’s sports betting practice. He’s plugged into the industry and follows the sports betting legislative happenings.

Patrick Everson — Patrick Everson is cut from the writer/reporter fabric. The senior writer files his stories to Covers and keeps his Twitter feed populated with perspectives from sportsbook directors, book liabilities, and information directly from Vegas books and more. Plus you’ll get reaction videos from Vegas like these:


Dave Tuley — Veteran sportswriter and avowed ‘dog player, Dave formerly wrote for ESPN and now writes for VSiN about all aspects of betting in Las Vegas.

Robert Walker — The widely respected USFantasy/USBookmaking partner is the former Director of Sports Betting operations for MGM-Mirage, Genting and Boyd Gaming. He’s attuned to sports betting legislation happenings and frequently opines on the subject.

SportsCheetah — AKA Preston Johnson, he uses using analytics, game theory and his Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology to find advantages in football, basketball, and baseball markets. Describes himself: “High-volume bettor. Sound practitioner of bankroll management. Emotion is designed to trump logic. Psychologically integrating the wins.”

VegasPointBlank — Veteran sports bettor Dave Malinsky eyes the betting boards from “point blank range.” He offers quick statistics and data updates covering wide range of professional and collegiate sports. (May Dave rest in peace.)

Collin Wilson — A senior writer for Action Network, Wilson is a good follow for all things NCAA college football, college basketball and MLB.

Jeff Sherman — The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook manager is more than just golf odds. He posts game and updated futures odds as the book releases them and also shares worthwhile stories and scenes (and lots and lots of Golden Knights material) straight from the heart of Vegas.

Beating the Book — This handle is run by Gill Alexander who is a host for VSiN Live’s “A Numbers Game” and also hosts the “Beating the Book” Podcast which focuses on the ins and outs of gambling strategies, and which we belatedly (shamefully) added to our “best sports betting podcasts” rundown.

VSiN — The Vegas Stats and Information Network was founded by Brian Musberger with his uncle Brent Musberger as the face of the company and its main personality and host. You can find at VSiN.com and on SiriusXM Channel 204.

Brent Musburger – As the face of VSiN, legendary sports broadcasts and sports betting aficionado Musburger covers the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football, NCAA basketball and NASCAR.


Joe Fortenbaugh— Fortenbaugh hosts “Mornings with Joe, Lo and Dibs” on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco but he really has our ear with his “Sharp 600” podcast — a 10-minute tour-de-sports betting. Fortenbaugh also writes for Covers.com with a focus on NFL, NBA, PGA Tour and boxing.

Robert DellaFave — Longtime iGaming, poker and and sports betting industry analyst. Lot of talk about consumer protections in the gambling industry and about advantage play.

Kevin Roth — From a snowy football game to a windy golf tournament, if it’s sports and it’s outside, Roth will have a weather forecast for it. To factor that potential impact on totals and field conditions/rosters into your handicapping, check out the only meteorologist on our list.

Stuckey — An entertaining follow, Stuckey covers all sports for The Action Network, with the exception of the NBA and soccer. The self-styled “Prime Minister of Degenerate Nation,” he’s a bit of an action junkie, as some of you are, too.

Chris Andrews — Andrews has been a Nevada bookmaker for 25 years in Las Vegas and Reno. After founding the website Against The Number in 2013, Andrews has gone back behind the counter as the sportsbook director at the South Point. He’s also a contributor for VSiN and across all platforms, Twitter included, he brings great perspective plus some jokes.

ProFootballDoc — The former Chargers head doctor handicaps athletic injuries as well as anyone out there. Offers his own podcast and is a frequent guest on several more sports betting podcasts.

Whale_Capper — An NFL, NBA and tennis handicapper, good sense of humor, puts out the podcast “Deep Dive” and his projections, and tracks them on a spreadsheet for public consumption.

John Brennan — Longtime, veteran reporter for the Bergen Record, he’s located in New Jersey and followed the state’s legal and political fight for sports betting as long and as closely as anyone. Now files his stories for US Bets and sister sites including articles on sports betting for NJ Online Gambling.

Ken Pomeroy — NCAA Basketball Analyst. Pomeroy is the creator of a popular college basketball website and statistical database, kenpom.com. If you filled out your brackets without visiting, you did it wrong.

Haralabos Voulgaris — Renowned for his betting prowess on the NBA, “Bob” is sharp and opinionated as it comes on pro hoops. Also, recently seen calling out the NBA and MLB on their “integrity tax” nonsense.

Ted Sevransky “Teddy Covers” is a seasoned sports bettor who’s active in video and on the radio. He’s spent about two decades in the desert and curates a good feed indicating line movement, sharp and square positions, mainly covering hoops (NBA and college) and football (NFL and college).

Spread Investor — Handle for a website launched in 2014, the group provides bettors with “the stats, trends, game analysis, and betting strategies that they need to make smarter wagers.” Focus on NFL, NBA, and College Basketball.

Thomas Casale — Sports betting editor for Radio.com, Casale is an avid college basketball and football bettor, loves futures, and his heart bleeds (Syracuse) Orange.

Tony Miller — The Las Vegas Golden Nugget sportsbook director. A combination of comic relief and his views on sports and a perspective from behind the counter.

Matt Lindeman — Let’s stay in Las Vegas for another insightful bookmaker, Matt Lindeman of Ceasars, an avid college baseball bettor believe it or not, because while chicks dig the long ball, baseball is not all about the long ball.

Howard Stutz — Longtime reporter-columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Stutz has covered the gaming industry, Stutz is now the Executive Editor at CDC Gaming Reports. Follow for valuable insights on the industry.

Chad Millman — Formerly of ESPN and host of “Behind the Bets,” Millman became Action Network’s head of content in fall of 2017.

ESPN Stats & Info — Follow for useful info for any kind of bettor. “Our mission is to serve fans across every ESPN platform with the fastest, most accurate and insightful statistics, scores, news and analysis.”

John Jastremski — Sports talk host on WFAN in NYC, and SNY, lots of betting talk in a heavy New York accent.

Matt Youmans — A former Review-Journal sports betting columnist, NFL/Raiders and UNLV basketball beat writer. Informed opinions and picks. You can hear him on VSiN and ESPN Radio 1100 in Las Vegas.

Eli Hershkovich — Hershkovich is executive producer for two of our favorite podcasts, “You Better You Bet” and “Bet Sweats.” He’s a particularly good follow for those wanting niche college basketball information, including early NCAA Tournament picks.

Steve Fezzik — Fezzik is a former accountant and now a professional gambler living in Las Vegas. He’s the only two-time winner of the NFL SuperContest (2009, 2010).

Aaron Kessler — The guy behind the guy (Miller). Kessler is Golden Nugget’s assistant sportsbook director. Entertaining and insightful account.

Evan Silva — Co-founder of Establish The Run, one of the best sites out there for DFS information/analysis for NFL and NBA games. If you don’t read Silva’s “Matchups” column during the NFL season, you’re doing fantasy football and/or NFL wagering wrong.

Adam Levitan — Silva’s co-founder of ETR. Good analyst on player prop betting. . Two-time FSWA award winner. Formerly Rotoworld, DraftKings.

NFL_totals – Passionate about sports and sports betting, specializing in, yes, totals, mainly NFL and college hoops. Provides snippy commentary on the world in sports that will make you laugh and nod your head in agreement.

Adam Burke — We previously listed Bang the Book as one of our favorite podcasts. The host of Bang the Book Radio, which covers all sports with great guests, is Adam Burke. The Cleveland native keeps an entertaining feed and will keep you plugged into the podcast offerings, plus he shares images of various beers he’s trying, which is nice.


Adam Kramer — He writes about college football for Bleacher Report. Enjoys craft beer of all varieties. Plays many games of Golden Tee.

Matt Perrault — Host of “Pushing The Odds,” Perrault breaks down all things sports betting three hours a day on SB Nation Radio.

Andy Molitor — Director of content for Betsperts, the Minnesota half of Deep Dive betting podcast and co-host of Brown Bag Bets.

Andrew Brandt – He’s a director at Villanova University’s law school, a contributor to TheAthletic and MMQB.com, a frequent speaker on sports law and sports betting, and former Green Bay Packers Director of Player Finance and General Counsel. Not a bad resume. He brings informed opinions and insight to the Twitter-verse.

Sean Pendergast — Creator of the “#gamblecast,” Sean is a Houston sports radio host who represents your regular American Joe sports bettor: some good wagers, some $10 eight-to-nine team parlays that rarely hit and mostly pad a sportsbook’s hold.

Cousin Sal – Sal is a writer and on-screen performer “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” A self-proclaimed degenerate gambler, Sal hosts “Against All Odds” on the Ringer Podcast Network and also partakes in a weekly “Guess the Lines” Podcast on the Ringer Podcast Network with Bill Simmons.

Lauren Joffe — Joffe contributes to The Action Network. She’s an avid sports bettor, may or may not be an Olympics expert, and is definitely funny.

NFL Injury News – Bringing you all news surrounding injuries to your favorite NFL players and teams. Part of the SprtsInjryAlert and FantasyPros networks.

Erin Kate Dolan — A sports betting “content creator,” Dolan talks sports betting for FanDuel, and hosts and produces the “Early Line” from 7-9am EST on SportsGrid, which is streamed on Sirius XM channel (204).

Scott Van Pelt – Host of the midnight edition of SportsCenter. For a Twitter audience 1.92 million followers, SVP provides his take on the sports covering both professional and collegiate sports often with his own self-deprecating wit and disposition toward celebrating stars and storylines.

Matthew Metcalf — Director of Circa Sports, which has positioned itself in Las Vegas and now Colorado (and growing) to be the sportsbook that will post the highest betting limits, be the true sports bettor’s sportsbook.

Chris Bennett — Sportsbook manager at Circa Sports.


Stanford Steve — Works on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Their weekly “Bad Beats” piece is wonderful (above). The former Stanford tight end also co-hosts the ESPN “Behind the Bets” Podcast.

MakinMoneyMegan — An entertaining follow, Megan make jokes, bets and content for FD Sportsbook.

Matt Schmitto – A high-stakes DFS player and part of the RotoGrinders Sports Betting team. Schmitto’s specialties are golf and finding value.

SportsOddsHistory – Updates on futures odds and looking back at archived futures odds. Covers: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Olympics, Horse Racing, NASCAR, Tour de France, World Series of Poker, and in non-sports, the Academy Awards.

KyDerbyJay — We don’t know his full name (probably Jay?) or much about him at all. He’s an occasional guest on BetTheBoard, a lawyer and knows what he’s talking about on sports betting. Check back in here around Triple Crown season.

Rob Perez — Wob is part-machine and posts a plethora of NBA clips/action/observations/musings pretty much whenever NBA games are on TV. He also live-tweets police chases. Does things for FanDuel.

RJ Bell — Bell is a somewhat controversial sports betting figure with a lot of fans and many detractors (some of it directed at @pregame). He’s mixed it up with Musberger and others on this list. Pick a side if you’d like. But he has a good grip on the pulse of Las Vegas sports betting and provides an entertaining Twitter feed. You may not like him, but probably still follow him just to see what’s up there.

Jeff Ma – Before co-hosting “Bet The Process” with professional sports bettor Rufus Peabody, Ma made stops at many blackjack tables as a member of MIT’s BlackJack Team, then at ESPN as their Predictive Analytics Expert.

Ryan Butler – Another from TAN, Butler covers gaming news, legislation and other betting-related developments. Plus irreverent cultural observations and bad sports takes.

Brian Pempus — Sports betting/legislative analyst for US Bets and Sports Handle. Following and covering U.S. sports betting across the country as closely and as well as anyone.

William Hill US – Will Hill is U.K.-based bookmaker and Nevada’s largest sportsbook operator with 100+ locations. They also manage Delaware’s NFL legal parlay wagering operations, and post their percentage of tickets vs. volume of wagers on college and NFL games at around 11:00 EST.

DKSportsbook — Another sportsbook entry. The handle for DraftKings Sportsbook posts with promotions, some injury alerts, wrestling GIFS and other memes.

FDSportsbook — Same deal for DK’s sportsbook/DFS rival. FanDuel Sportsbook spread information, line movements, promotions and memes!

Matt Moore — NBA Writer for The Action Network. The guy knows basketball and you should inform your hoops wagers with his insight.

Sports Handle — Widely regarded as the greatest website on the Internet… oh hey, that’s us. Thanks for reading and give us a follow.




| Title: 91 Essential Sports Betting Twitter Follows, Accounts
| Author: Sportshandle.com / SportsHandle Staff, Author John Wilson
| Date: March 17, 2021


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