Life Related Mixed in with the Fight Game

My first two blogs are more life related mixed in with the fight game. I’m no moral compass. Just thoughts from the top of my head and again more of “do as I say, not what I did.”

It’s a slow week of fights and Mike Goldberg’s NFL debut in the broadcast booth and Jonathan Koppenhaver(known as War Machine in MMA circles) seem to be the topic of choice for news outlets and particularly the MMA media.

It’s pretty simple. Goldberg’s debut may not have been the greatest but was it neccessary for non contructive criticism on social media to be so vicious and just plain out mean? I don’t think so. I don’t recall.

Mike ever being flat out mean to guys who suffered horrible beatdowns that could be atrributed to first time Octagon jitters. His feelings were hurt, he lashed back at the nasty people and in the end made what I feel was unnecessary apology. His feelings were hurt and I would have done the same. Shame on me too. I’ve got thin skin. Big deal.


As for War Machine. No secret his past and record for taking responsibility for his actions after really fucking things up appear non existent. Does he belong under supervision and in jail?

I’m no judge, and it pains me to judge him, but yes. He has to take responsibilty for his actions and pay a price layed upon him by the courts. He is responsible for something horrible. However, taking his own life in a jail cell is not an appropriate punishment. Who would wish that upon him. Social media that’s who. The kid needs help. Again. Someone somewhere cares about him. He’s only 32. Does he deserve to die. No.

Imagine boxing without Mike Tyson if he chose to take his own life after a prison and dozens of allegations. Not everyone can be fixed. But encouraging someone to be something they arent in a positive way wins over negativity. A better person. That’s all I got to say about that.

Next week the fights are going to be in full swing and lets have faith that the news to come isn’t so brutal and depressing.

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